We finally managed to leave Martinique on Thursday, water maker all fixed thanks to Thierry and Steven of YES (Yacht Engineering Services) in Marin. The seals on the HP pump had to be replaced 3 times over before it stopped leaking. We had a boisterous passage across to Dominica in a very gusty wind, still getting vicious gusts when moored at Portsmouth in sheltered Prince Rupert Bay. This morning we went on a tour up the Indian River. Parts of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 were filmed here. Our guide was Providence aka Martin Carriere. He was great, very informative about wild life and botany. The guides have to use oars on the river so it is very peaceful. We saw various birds, fish, crabs, geckos, iguana and stopped at the Bush bar for a quick juice. We did the tour once before 10 years ago. The vegetation was even more over hanging then – Hurricane Maria changed a few things. The local tour guides formed themselves into the Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services (PAYS). They take turns to meet the boats coming in ( so you don’t end up part of some mad competition) and provide mooring buoys, security, tours and a Sunday night beach barbecue that we will go to tonight.

Swap blood wood
Buttress roots
Bird of Paradise
Male Gecko displaying

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