The Leeward Islands

We did the Windward Islands (Grenada up to Martinique), now working our way through the Leewards (Dominica north). The distinction was historic presumably depending on where in the chain you arrived first and slightly confusing as the Dutch put their Windward Islands in the region called Leeward by the British.

From Dominica we went to Isles Saintes mooring at Bourg des Saintes. These lovely small islands are French so it was back to Euros, driving on the right, croissants and French bread. Then on to Deshaies in Guadeloupe, also French. Here we went the excellent Botanic gardens again, we did not see any murders or Humphrey or the Comissioner, but did see the set for the police station and Catherine’s Bar.

Botanic Gardens
Set for Death in Paradise
The real police station

The next island is Antigua. First we anchored in Falmouth Harbour (the dock is full of superyachts) and visited historic English Harbour and Nelsons Dockyard. We walked up to Shirley Heights for more history and a fantastic view. The whole area is now a National Park.

View from Shirley Heights
More history
Superyacht leaving Falmouth

We moved on to Jolly Harbour, a very convenient place to get provisions, fuel and chandlery. It was great to meet up with friends here: Bones and Anna of yacht Emily Morgan, Anita and Richard of Sea Topaz and Laurie and Ruud of Blue Pearl.

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