Early March 2020

We sailed on from Antigua to Nevis and checked in with Customs etc there. We visited this island late last year so quickly sailed on to the sister island of St Kitts (same administration). There was some big swell and wind forecast for the following week so we ma de lots of phone calls to book a berth in Port Zante Marina at Bassê Terre. It’s a small Harbour with Dutch type box berths around the edge with some pontoons. Most of the boats are either for local fishing or trip boats or party cats. When we came in it was flat calm and we got directed to a nice berth alongside a big pontoon. Unfortunately by next morning when they insisted we move a stiff breeze was blowing. Our new place was one of the box berths, inconveniently across the strong wind, although marina guys came to take our shore lines what was needed was a rib to push us into place and to take lines to the poles at the back and it was all really stressful. Once we’d recovered from this we went for a look round the historic city of Basse Terre. There were 3 big cruise ships in, they can take up to 4 at a time. By this time it is 9 March, and the news of the Coronavirus spreading from China to Italy and the rest of Europe is starting to get serious, social distancing starts to be a thing. Slightly worrying going round Basse Terre among crowds of folk off the cruise ships. Next day we got a taxi tour to the Brimstone Hill Fort looking out over the coast furthered the island. Very impressive and almost nobody there. We also looked down on the Boatyard where they have a travel hoist and dig you a custom pit to put the keel in. On the way back we visited some gardens and the Batik studio.

Historic church Basse Terre

Next we moved on to Statia, aka Saint Eustatius. Saw on AIS and talked to Dave on Mischief by VHF en route, unfortunately they were going south as we were heading north, maybe this is appropriate social distancing, but a great shame we didn’t meet.

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