Gold Coast and New Generator

From Coffs we sailed overnight to Gold Coast Seaway still in company with Mischief. A reasonable amount of wind for the trip, but still a lot of current against us, Timshel rushing along at top speed but only making 4 or 5 knots over the ground. We had hoped to go direct to Runaway Bay Marina to get the new generator fitted, but there was a delay on the fitting so we anchored for a few days, in fact it was all very slow and the generator was not put in until the Monday and not running until the Tuesday. Luckily it did fit and seems to be running OK now. We left the marina to anchor at Tipplers Passage for the night and ran the generator and recommissioned the watermaker which is what we really need the 230 volt supply for. A pleasant place with kangaroos on the beach, also sea eagles, pelicans and saw a ray jump out of the water on the way over. Left very early the next morning to get the tide and wend our way through the narrow shallow channels between the mangrove covered islands of South Moreton Bay. I think we had 0.5m under the keel at the shallowest point, so best not done at low water. Now at anchor at Coochiemudlo island (another outlandish name), to run the watermaker again, going to Manly near Brisbane tomorrow.

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